License download failed: firm ID and PIN do not match our records

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To download and install the appropriate licenses to your programs, you must enter your firm's license PIN. By default, your license PIN is your firm's ZIP code. You will use the same PIN in each program that you are licensed for.

  • Your firm's Licensee or Delegate must update your license PIN from the default. To do so, complete the steps for managing your license PIN.
  • Entering an invalid PIN or ZIP causes the license download to fail. You will receive an error message in the CS Connect Call Summary stating, "The Firm ID and PIN entered do not match our records. Please verify and try again." Contact your firm's Licensee or Delegate to obtain the correct license PIN.


  • You can view your firm's designate Licensee or Delegate on the My Account page of our website. A Thomson Reuters ID with admin permissions assigned is required to view this information.
  • If you use Virtual Office CS, a license PIN is only required for programs you have installed locally.
  • If you use UltraTax CS, this requirement is applicable for all years of UltraTax CS you are licensed for. You must update your license PIN to complete the installation of 2017 UltraTax CS. 

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Internal only

You can view a firm's CS Connect call logs to check the logs for what PIN the user entered. For details, see Internal: Using CS Connect to troubleshoot license PIN errors.

You can use EMS to look up a firm's license PIN. To do so, open the firm in EMS and choose Applications > Licenses > License/Access PIN.

The License/Access PIN cannot be given to any member of the firm.