Assigning codes to multiple accounts

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Accounting CS enables you to assign account classification codes, M-3 codes, tax codes, or units to multiple accounts at the same time in the Chart of Accounts or Actions > Enter Trial Balance screens .

When transferring data to a tax application, a unit can be used to designate the input screen location for multiple-unit entities. For example, if you are transferring utilities expenses for a farm to the UltraTax CS Farm input screen and the tax code for the first unit's utilities is 632 and the unit is 1, you would transfer the second unit's utilities with a tax code of 632 and unit of 2.
  1. From the Setup > Chart of Accounts or Actions > Enter Trial Balance screen, choose Edit > Edit Multiple Accounts.
  2. In the Edit Multiple Accounts dialog, select Assign Codes from the Information to edit field and then click Enter to open the Assign Codes dialog.
  3. By default, the Chart of Accounts and Enter Trial Balance grid includes only active accounts for the selected client, but you can mark the Include inactive checkbox to include all accounts.
  4. Assign new values to the account classification code, M-3 code, tax code, or unit using either of the following methods.
    • To assign the same value to all accounts in the grid, use the fields in the Identification section. Select the item to edit, enter the value to use, and click the Assign button.
    • To assign a different value to each account, manually update the values directly in the grid.
  5. Click Enter and then click Done to apply the edits to the selected accounts.


  • You can search for specific accounts and/or filter the accounts that are displayed in the Assign Codes dialog by using the Search and Filter fields in the upper-left corner of the dialog. For more information, see Searching and filtering data.
  • The application updates only those accounts that are currently displayed in the Accounts grid. Therefore, if you filter the accounts in the grid, only those accounts will be updated.
  • When you export client information to UltraTax CS after you have added tax codes and/or units to the entire chart of accounts, Accounting CS exports only the accounts with balances.
  • When assigning codes in the Trial Balance screen, you may need to modify the trial balance view in the View Maintenance dialog to display the codes that have been added.

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