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Accounting CS provides a quick and simple method to edit information for multiple accounts at one time via the Edit Multiple Accounts dialog in the Chart of Accounts or Enter Trial Balance screens. Use this method to edit general information, assign codes, renumber accounts, segmentize accounts, and merge accounts.

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Edit multiple accounts from the
Chart of Accounts
Enter Trial Balance
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Merging accounts enables
you to move balances from
core accounts to segmentized
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General Information
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  • Update the description for accounts
  • Mark to delete or make accounts inactive
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Renumber accounts
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  • Select segment (if applicable)
  • Define logic for new account number
  • Preview / print diagnostic
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Merge accounts
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  • Select accounts in which to merge
  • If applicable, mark original account for deletion
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Assign codes
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Assign new codes for the following items.
<span>Assign new codes for the following items.</span><br>
  • Account Groupings
  • M-3 code
  • Tax code
  • Unit
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Updating general information for multiple accounts

Assigning codes to multiple accounts

Renumbering multiple accounts

Segmentizing multiple core accounts

Merging multiple accounts

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