Working in the Trial Balance grid

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The Actions > Enter Trial Balance grid provides a single workspace in the application to enter and analyze account balances. You can also activate the Journal Entry View section of the Actions > Enter Trial Balance screen to add, maintain, and simultaneously view the corresponding changes within the Trial Balance grid.

Use the following procedures to optimize your use of the Trial Balance grid.

Navigating in the grid

To move your cursor vertically or horizontally one cell at a time within the Trial Balance grid, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click the ENTER key to move the cursor down the column one row at a time.

Adjusting column widths

To manually change the width of a column, place the mouse pointer on the line that divides the column headings. When the cursor changes to a Cursor TB grid, click and hold the left mouse button as you adjust the column to the desired width.

Selecting a trial balance view

All custom trial balance views that have been created for the client in the View Maintenance dialog are displayed in a tabular format in the Enter Trial Balance screen - click the specific tab for the trial balance that you want view or modify on screen.

To customize the layout of information in the Trial Balance grid, click the View Maintenance link at the top of the Enter Trial Balance screen.

Using the Journal Entry View

To add, maintain, and simultaneously view corresponding changes to journal entries in the Actions > Enter Trial Balance grid, choose Edit > Options and mark the Display journal entry view checkbox in the Enter Trial Balance Options dialog.

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