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The Direct Deposit tab displays all direct deposit checks that have been entered and that have had a direct deposit file/ACH file created for them. Use this tab to further group checks for easy clearing. By default, all direct deposit checks are marked as cleared in this tab, because when ACH files are created, the amounts are withdrawn from the account on the day or day after the file was created.

Choose Actions > Reconcile Bank Accounts and then click the Direct Deposit tab.

Fields & buttons

The Direct Deposit grid includes a Group by field that enables you to group items in the grid. For details, see Grouping items in data-entry grids.

The grid displays each direct deposit file that has been created for the reconciliation period. To view the direct deposit transactions included in the file, click the + sign next to the file name to expand the list.

  • To clear a transaction, mark the checkbox in the Clr column for that transaction.
  • To clear all transactions in the grid, choose Edit > Clear All.
  • To view the source transaction for any direct deposit in the grid, click the blue, hyperlinked amount for that transaction. The application opens that transaction in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen, where you can view details about the original transaction.

You can adjust the width of the columns and/or change the order of the columns (by dragging and dropping the column heading to the desired location) for the Direct Deposit File grid.

The Totals row displays the following amounts based on the information entered in the Direct Deposit grid above.

  • Statement amount. Displays the amount entered in the General Information tab in the Statement Information section for checks and other payments.
  • Direct Deposit. Displays the sum of the Amount column in the Direct Deposit grid above.
  • Cleared amount. Displays the sum of the Clear Amount column in the Direct Deposit grid above. When no transactions have been marked as cleared, this field should display $0.00.
  • Unreconciled amount. Displays the difference between the reconciled bank account total (ending statement balance + open deposits & additions - open checks & payments +/- bank errors) and the adjusted period balance (ending period balance +/- adjustments).

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