Grouping items in data-entry grids

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Grouping and ungrouping items

The data-entry grids in the several screens and tabbed pages in Accounting CS include a Group by field that enables you to group the items in the grid to enhance the sorting capabilities.

To group information in the grid, drag the column heading by which you want the data organized into the gray area above the grid.

For example, to group the transactions by date, drag the Date column heading into the gray area. The application reorganizes the grid into expandable lists containing the transactions associated with each date. To further group the information within each date group by GL account, drag the GL Account column heading into the gray area.

Note: You can add as many grouping levels as needed.

To remove a grouping from the grid, drag the column heading out of the gray area.

Grids that include the Group by field

The Group by field is available in the following screens, dialogs, and tabbed pages.

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