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When event tracking is enabled by the firm, it monitors and tracks changes made to client records. Use the Events tab of the Clients screen to view those changes for the selected client.

Choose Setup > Clients and click the Events tab.

Fields & buttons

Event Tracking grid. You can use the grid to view all events that have been logged for the client while the event tracking is enabled. The information in the grid is read only and cannot be modified. The grid consists of the following columns.

  • Date / Time. Displays the date and time that the event occurred.
  • Action. Displays the action of the event that is recorded.
  • Staff ID. Displays the Staff ID of the user who caused the event to occur.
  • Details. Displays details about the event. The details will vary depending on the action taken.

Refresh button. Click this button to refresh the information displayed in the Event Tracking grid.

Preview Report button. Click this button to view the Event Log report in the Print Preview screen.

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