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The Agent tab is available only for vendors that are payroll or tax agents. Use the Agent tab to specify the payment schedule for amounts to be paid to this vendor.

Choose Setup > Vendors and click the Agent tab.


  • For Form 941/944, 943, and 945 agents, the application enforces the Federal $100,000.00 Next-Day Deposit Rule ( If the client is a Monthly filer, they must change to Semiweekly filer status. This is done in the Deposit schedule field in the Liability Due Date section of the Agent tab.
  • The application adjusts the FUTA tax liability due date based on the $500 threshold rule as specified in the Form 940 instructions.
  • For the Federal 941 agent, if you select Quarterly as the deposit schedule, the application updates the tax liability due dates to a monthly deposit schedule, to enforce the $2500.00 deposit threshold.

Fields & buttons

  • Click the Ellipsis button button to open the Liabilities dialog, where you can view the appropriate liabilities for this agent.
  • Do not create zero liabilities. When this checkbox is marked for the vendor, no zero amount liability will be generated in the Payroll Liabilities tab of the File > Print Checks screen even when it would be required by the agent.

Federal tax agents only: Select the bank mailing name for this tax agent or select the vendor name or DBA name. If you choose Bank, the application uses the bank name and address that is specified in the Main tab of the Tax Agents screen. If you choose Mailing - DBA name or Mailing - Vendor name, it will use the DBA or Vendor name and mailing address on the Main tab of the Vendors screen.

Note: Businesses must use the EFTPS system or have a third-party processing provider file electronically for the IRS.

State or local tax agents only: The payment address selection determines what address appears on checks that are printed for this agent. The selection defaults to the selection made for this tax agent in the Main tab of the Tax Agents screen.

Deposit/Payment schedule. Select the appropriate deposit or payment schedule from the drop-down list to provide a due date for the created liability. For state withholding agents, you can click the Ellipsis Ellipsis buttonbutton to open the Deposit Schedule dialog, where you can schedule the effective date on which to begin using a deposit schedule.

  • Adjust due date for non-banking days. (Available for payroll agent type vendors only). If the due date happens to fall on a non-banking day such as a holiday or weekend, you can designate how to adjust the due date to reflect a true banking day. You can choose either to use the next banking day, use the previous banking day, or use the closest banking day.
  • Deposits due within - Three banking days / Five banking days. (Available for NYS Income Tax agent only). The New York income tax due date for liabilities is updated automatically when open liabilities reach the $700.00 threshold amount. Specify that the due date be set for three banking days or five banking days after the entry date of the payroll that brought the liabilities to the $700.00 threshold amount.
  • PromptTax participant. (Available for NYS Income Tax agent only). Employers participating in the PrompTax program are required to make deposits within three banking days of the payroll date. Mark this checkbox to have the application ignore the $700.00 deposit threshold and to set the due dates for three days after the check date.

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