Creating a custom MICR line for check and deposit slip layouts

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If you want to print MICR-encoded checks using blank check and deposit slip stock, you have the option to specify a non-standard MICR line rather than using the standard format provided by the application.

To create a custom MICR line, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Bank Accounts or Setup > Firm Information > Impound Bank Accounts .
  2. Make sure the appropriate client is selected in the Client selection field and then click the Layouts tab.
  3. In the Layout Selection section, select the desired check layout(s).
  4. In the MICR and/or Deposit Slip MICR section, choose the Custom format option.
  5. Click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button to open the Custom MICR Line dialog.
  6. Enter characters as necessary to create a custom MICR line.
    • The letter T represents the Transit symbol.
    • The letter O represents the On Us symbol.
    • The letter D represents the Dash symbol.
    • The pound sign # represents the reference numbers. When the application prints the checks, it replaces the pound signs with the appropriate reference numbers.
  7. When you have entered the information, click OK to save the custom MICR line.

Note: You can change the format back to Standard at any time, and the application will save the custom MICR line so that it is available if you choose the Custom option again in the Setup > Bank Accounts screen.

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