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The Banks screen is a global listing or collection of all financial institutions that will be used by the firm's clients. You can enter routing numbers here to simplify data entry and lessen the chances of data-entry errors in the future.

Note: You can also add banks on the fly from the Setup > Bank Accounts screen.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Banks.

Fields & buttons

Enter the following information in the Identification section.

  • Routing number. (This field is required.) Enter the selected bank's unique routing number (nine digits).


    • If you enter an invalid routing number, you will not be able to save the bank information until it is corrected.
    • Canadian routing numbers do not have a check digit and should be formatted in the following way: 12345-678.
  • Fractional routing number. To print the fractional routing number on checks from a checkbook associated with this bank, enter the Federal Reserve district number in this field. The application will automatically enter the remaining digits.
  • Inactive. If you are not currently using this bank at all in Accounting CS (if the bank went out of business, for example), you can mark this checkbox to exclude the bank from any reports or as a selection from drop-down lists or context menus.
  • Bank name. Enter the bank name (up to 50 characters) that will be printed on all checks and reports associated with the routing number. You can use the same bank name for multiple routing numbers.
  • International bank. Mark this checkbox if this bank is located outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.


    • If any pending transactions exist for bank accounts associated with this bank, you cannot save this bank as an international bank.
    • International banks are not available for selection from the drop-down list in the certain fields. If you select an international bank in the Direct Deposit Allocation grid in the Direct Deposit tab of the Setup > Employees screen or the Setup > Vendors screen, you must enter information in the IAT Details dialog for that direct deposit allocation.
  • Restrict from Client Access. Mark this checkbox to prevent the client from selecting the bank in any of the bank fields in their Accounting CS Client Access application.

    Note: The bank is still available for selection in all the bank fields within Accounting CS. As a safeguard, Client Access users can contact their accounting firm if they need use the restricted bank.

Enter an address for the bank. Enter the city, state, and ZIP code and then use the Address verification feature (click the Address Verification Location button button) to validate the address.

Note: You can enter up to three addresses for the bank - Business, Home, or Other - by clicking the Selection Selection button button and selecting the applicable option. Mark the Mailing address checkbox for the address to use as the bank's mailing address.

Enter the phone and fax number information for the bank. You can enter multiple contact phone numbers by clicking the Selection Selection button button and selecting the applicable option.

Enter an email address and website URL for the bank, if applicable.

Note: When these fields contain valid information, you can click the Email Email button button to open a blank email message with this address in the To: line, and you can click the Website Website button button to automatically open the specified website using your default browser.

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