Printing vendor checks (or vendor payments)

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In Accounting CS, you can select multiple checks to print at the same time, or you can select individual checks to print one at a time.

Note: To specify the next check number, enter the appropriate number in the Next check number field in the Main tab of the Setup > Bank Accounts screen.

Printing multiple vendor checks

After vendor checks have been created, they are available for printing in the File > Print Checks > Vendor/Payee tab.

To print your checks, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Print Checks and click the Vendor/Payee tab.
  2. Expand the list of checks for each client by clicking the plus sign next to the client record. The application displays all checks that are available to print for individual vendors.
  3. Either mark the checkboxes for individual vendors or mark the checkbox next to the client record to print all vendor checks for that client.
  4. When the appropriate checks are selected, click the Print Selected button to open the Print dialog.
  5. In the Print dialog, select your print options, and then click OK to print the checks.
  6. The application displays the Check Printing Confirmation dialog to verify that all checks printed successfully. If they did, click Yes. If they did not, click No and then select the checks that did not print correctly.

    Note: If you click No, the checks that you select remain in the Vendor Checks tab until they are successfully printed.

Printing a single vendor check

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. Select an AP check, Check, or Payroll check transaction, or enter a new check.
  3. Choose any of the following methods to print the selected check:
    • Choose File > Print Current Check.
    • Press CTRL + P.
    • Click the Print current check icon icon on the toolbar.
  4. In the Print dialog, choose the desired print options, and then click OK to print the check.

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