Setting up amortization schedules

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Accounting CS enables you to use amortization schedules created in ToolBox CS or TValue to generate vendor payments for a specified time frame.

Note: If the Accounts Payable service is enabled for your client, you cannot create transactions from an amortization schedule in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen. Instead, you must use the Detail tab of the the Actions > Enter Payables screen.

  1. In ToolBox CS or TValue, create an amortization schedule for the selected vendor, and then export the data to an XML file.
  2. In Accounting CS, choose Setup > Vendors and then click the Distributions tab.
  3. In the Amortization Schedules section, click the Ellipsis button button.
  4. In the Amortization Schedules dialog, enter a unique ID (up to 11 characters) and description (up to 50 characters) for the amortization schedule.
  5. In the Amortization Information section, click the Import button.
  6. In the dialog that opens, browse to the XML file that you exported from ToolBox CS or TValue, and then click the Open button. Accounting CS populates the drop-down list in the Next due date field with due dates from the XML file and also populates the Payment Schedule grid with the due date, principal amount, and interest amount for each individual payment.
  7. Select the applicable GL account and 1099 item for the principal and interest portions of the payment.
  8. In the Memo field, enter up to 240 alphanumeric characters to include as the memo for the transactions created from the schedule.
  9. Click Enter to save the amortization schedule.
  10. Click Done to return to the Vendors screen.
  11. Click Enter to save the amortization schedule as part of the vendor record.

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