Verifying tax identification numbers

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The TIN tab of the Verify SSN/TIN screen allows you to create a text (.txt) file that you can send to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to verify that 1099 payee information entered in the application matches that on file with the IRS.

  1. Choose Actions > Verify SSN/TIN and click the TIN tab.
  2. In the TIN tab, click the plus signs next to the client IDs in the TIN grid to expand it and display vendor information.

    Note: You can filter the list of vendors in the grid using the filter and search features.

  3. Mark the checkboxes for any vendors whose tax identification number you want to verify with the IRS. To select all of a client's vendors, mark the checkbox next to the client ID.
  4. Click the Create File button to create the TIN verification file.
  5. Upload your internet files to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


  • When you create the files, they are stored in the location displayed at the bottom of the screen. To change the default location, choose Setup > File Locations, click the File Creation tab, and modify the path for the SSN verification field.
  • If a verification file already exists in the selected location, the application prompts you to overwrite or append the existing file. If you choose to append the file, the application will check for duplicated employee records and will verify that you want to overwrite the existing employee information.
  • When the verification file is created, the application automatically marks the Verified checkbox in the Main tab of the Vendors screen. If any TINs are reported by the IRS to be invalid, you need to unmark this checkbox to indicate that the vendor information is unverified in both the Verify SSN/TIN screen and the Vendors screen.
  • To remove vendors from the created verification file, click the Manage Files button in the Verify SSN/TIN screen to open the Manage SSN/TIN Verification Files dialog, select the vendor, and click the Unverify button. The application displays vendors that have been removed from the file as unverified in both the Verify SSN/TIN screen and the Vendors screen.
  • Refer to Pub 2108A - On-Line Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching Program for information from the IRS on how to apply to use the service and how to upload the file.

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