Entering or modifying check and deposit summary memo transactions

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Use the Actions > Enter Transactions screen to enter and modify all check and deposit summary memo transactions.

Note: To limit the number of transactions displayed in the transactions list, select a primary filter (journal, posting period, or bank account). To further limit the number of transactions displayed, click the Filter Filter button button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

The primary filter fields are located in the upper-right corner of the Enter Transactions screen. The primary filters that are available depend on the data-entry method selected (Journal or Bank Account) in the Settings tab of the Enter Transactions Options dialog.

Entering a check or deposit summary memo transaction

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. Select the client from the drop-down list in the client selection field.
  3. In the Transaction Detail section, select either Check summary memo or Deposit summary memo from the Type field.

    Note: These transaction types are available only when the Enter Transactions screen is in Journal mode.

  4. Select the bank account, journal, and posting period for which to create the summary memo transaction.
  5. Enter a reference, the transaction date, and a description for the summary memo transaction.
  6. The application automatically enters the following transactions for the selected bank account, journal, and posting period on the Distributions tab.

    Note: The application automatically calculates the transaction total by summing the amounts for the transactions selected on the Distributions tab. You cannot change the amount.

  7. Review the transactions on the Distributions tab. To exclude any of them from the summary memo transaction, highlight the row, press the DELETE key, and click Yes when prompted to confirm the deletion.
  8. If applicable, click the Notes tab and enter any notes for the summary memo.
  9. Click Enter to save the transaction.

Modifying a check or deposit summary memo transaction

After a check or deposit summary memo transaction has been saved, you can make any of the following changes to the transaction.

  • Transaction Detail section (not on the Distributions tab): Reference, Date, Description
  • Distributions tab: you can delete any of the transaction rows, but you cannot change any of the information for an individual transaction on this tab.
  • Notes tab: you can add notes or modify any of the existing notes on this tab.

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