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Use the Enter Deposits screen to associate specific customer payments with deposit transactions. All of the cash, check, and credit card payment transactions that were entered in the Manage Customer Payments screen for the selected client are available for selection in this screen. Accounting CS displays these deposits in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen with the client's other deposit transactions.

Choose Actions > Enter Deposits.


  • When you create a deposit in the Enter Deposits screen, the application automatically creates a deposit transaction in the Enter Transactions screen. For details, see Enter Transactions screen - Deposits.
  • You can create a deposit summary memo transaction to offset deposits and AR deposits. Accounting CS creates a transaction that summarizes deposits and AR deposits from the same bank account, journal, and posting period into a single one-sided debit transaction.
  • You can print a single deposit slip for an AR deposit from the Enter Deposits screen using any of the following methods.
    • Click the Print button.
    • Press CTRL+D on your keyboard.
    • Choose File > Print Current Deposit Slip.
    • Click the Print Current Deposit Slip icon on the toolbar.

    The application opens the Print dialog, where you can select print options for the selected deposit.

Fields & buttons

The Deposits list displays information for all customer deposits created in the Enter Deposits screen for the selected client.

  • Bank account. (Required) Select the bank account to which this payment will be deposited.
  • Journal. (Required) Select the applicable journal for this deposit.
  • Posting period. (Required) Select the applicable posting period.
  • Date. Enter the deposit date.
  • Description. Enter a description (up to 120 characters) for this deposit. The application displays this description for the deposit in the Enter Transactions screen.
  • Receipt reference. If applicable, enter the identifier (up to 40 characters) provided by the bank to confirm that the deposit was successfully completed. You may update this reference at any time, even after the deposit has been made.
  • Cash bank account. If you are taking part of the deposit as cash, select the GL account from which to track the cash withdrawal.
  • Cash back memo. If you are taking part of the deposit as cash, enter text (up to 120 characters) that describes the purpose.
  • Cash back amount. If you are taking part of the deposit as cash, enter the amount.
  • Balances. These read-only fields display the total amount for the payments selected in the Payments grid, the total amount withheld from the deposit as cash, and the total amount of the deposit.
  • Split out deposit details. Mark this checkbox to have the application display the payment amounts and cash back amount separately for this deposit record in the Details tab of the Enter Transactions screen.

The transactions in this grid include all cash, check, and credit card payments that were entered in the Manage Customer Payments screen for the selected client. Note that the data in this grid are read-only.

Mark the checkbox next to all of the payments to include in this deposit.

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