Setting up layouts for checks and deposit slips

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Use the Layouts tab of the Bank Accounts or Impound Bank Accounts screen to specify check and deposit slip layouts and other graphic information (such as company logo and signature facsimile in BMP, PNG, or JPG file format) to use for this bank account and to specify MICR information.

  1. Choose Setup > Bank Accounts or Setup > Firm Information > Impound Bank Accounts and click the Layouts tab.
  2. In the Layout Selection section, select the check layouts to use for vendor and AP checks and (if you are processing live payroll) for payroll checks. You can also select the deposit slip layout to use for regular and AR deposits.
  3. If you are printing your own checks and deposit slips rather than using preprinted stock, use the fields in the MICR section to specify MICR information to use for your checks and deposit slips. For more detailed information about modifying MICR information, please see the Using MICR specification numbers for check and deposit slip layouts and Creating a custom MICR line for check and deposit slip layouts topics.
  4. In the Images section, use the Ellipsis button buttons to navigate to images for the logo and signatures that you want to appear on your checks and deposit slips.
  5. Click Enter to save your layout selections.

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