Workflows in Accounting CS

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Accounting CS includes a number of interactive workflow topics that offer a graphical view of the setup and processing steps involved in various areas of the application. In the workflow, you can click on a task shape to drill down to detailed step-by-step procedures.

All workflows are preceded by the following graphic to indicate interactivity.

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Client setup

Client type overview

Chart of Accounts setup workflow

Check writing setup workflow

Accounts payable setup workflow

Accounts receivable setup workflow

Payroll setup workflow

Importing client data from QuickBooks workflow


Write-up process workflow

Check writing process workflow

Accounts payable process workflow

Accounts receivable process workflow

Bank account reconciliation workflow

Importing client data from QuickBooks workflow

Importing account balances and the chart of accounts from QuickBooks workflow


Payroll setup workflow

Live payroll processing workflow

Live payroll processing workflow with impounding

Remote payroll setup workflow

Payroll tax reconciliation forms workflow

W-2 form processing workflow

1099 form processing workflow


Audit-based engagement workflow, overview

Disconnect and return workpapers

1040 tax workflow and UltraTax CS integration, overview

Report Designer

Report Designer workflow

Other workflows

Scanning, printing, and storing client documents workflow

Exporting client data to QuickBooks workflow

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