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The Print Payment Forms dialog allows you to verify which payroll tax payment forms should be printed when the associated liabilities are paid. If you choose not to print an associated payment form in this dialog, you will need to print it manually from the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen.

Choose File > Print Checks, click the Payroll Liabilities tab, and with liabilities selected, click the Print Selected button.

Fields & buttons

The grid contains all payment forms associated with the liabilities you are currently paying. The forms are listed by client and you can expand the list of forms by clicking the plus sign next to the client ID. All forms are marked by default, but you can unmark the checkbox next to any form you do not want to print.

Verify that the forms and amounts are correct, and then either click the Preview Selected button to view the selected forms on-screen, or click Print Selected button to print the selected payment forms when the payroll liabilities are paid.

Click the Preview Selected button to preview the selected payment forms prior to printing them.

Click this button to open the Form Diagnostics dialog, which displays critical and informational diagnostics specific to the filing method specified for each selected form. For more information about viewing and printing diagnostic information for payroll tax forms, please refer to the Previewing and printing diagnostics for payroll tax forms topic.

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