Adding personal information to an employee record

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Employment information, personal information, reporting types, and Affordable Care Act information is added for an employee on the Personal tab of the Employees screen.

To enter personal information for an employee, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Employees and click the Personal tab.
  2. In the Employment Information and Personal Information sections, enter information for this employee as appropriate.


    • A hire date is required for certain accruable benefits to calculate accruals and reset balances correctly.
    • A birth date is required for certain deduction items to calculate correctly, such as retirement plan catch-up limits.
  3. In the Reporting Types section, mark any of the checkboxes that apply to this employee.
  4. To specify certain W-2 information for this employee, mark the checkboxes that apply. To manually add Box 12 codes and amounts and Box 14 custom descriptions and amounts to an employee W-2, click the Other W-2 Items button and make the additions in the Other W-2 Items dialog.
  5. In the Affordable Care Act Information section, specify the employment status, coverage codes and amounts for Form 1095-C Part II, and individuals covered under the employee for Form 1095-C Part III.

    Note: Form 1095-C Part II and Part III information can also be added via spreadsheet import.

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