Employee setup overview

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The following procedures explain how to enter and set up various types of employee information. After you have completed the client setup steps, we recommend that you set up your employee information in the order listed below.

  1. Employee templates (optional)
  2. Basic employee information (identification, address, contact information, payroll schedules, and location/department information)
  3. Employee personal information (employment information, personal information, and reporting types)
  4. Accruable benefits (accruable benefits used by the employee)
  5. Payroll items (pay, deduction, and employer contribution items used by the employee)
  6. Payroll tax information (federal, state, and local payroll tax information for the employee)
  7. Direct deposit information (for live payroll processing only) (net pay distribution and direct deposit allocation information)
  8. Workers' Compensation information (Workers' Compensation codes for the employee)

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