Adjusting fee rates for billing items

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The Adjust Fee Rates dialog provides a simple way to adjust the rates within a graduated table by incrementing the amounts in one or more columns by an amount or percent that you specify.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Billing Items.
  2. Select the fee to adjust, verify that the Graduated table calculation method is selected, and then click the Adjust Rates button in the Fee Schedule section.
  3. In the Adjust Fee Rates dialog, select the column to adjust from the Column to adjust drop-down list, or select All to adjust the amounts in all columns. The drop-down list includes all columns available in the graduated table.
  4. In the Beginning row and Ending row fields, select the beginning and ending rows to which you want to apply the adjustment. The drop-down lists include all rows available in the graduated table.
  5. Choose either Amount or Percent as the increment type to specify how you would like to adjust the fee.
  6. Enter the value of the adjustment amount or percentage in the Increment value field.
  7. Click OK to apply the adjustment to the selected rows and columns. The application updates the amounts in the graduated table in the Billing Items screen with the changes you have saved.

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