Setting up billing items and fee schedules

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Use the Setup > Firm Information > Billing Items screen to set up the fees and fee schedules that your firm uses to invoice clients for check printing, form printing, and miscellaneous processing. Set up the items from your firm's pricing sheet to make them available for use with all your clients.

To set up fees and billing items, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Billing Items.
  2. In the Identification section of the Billing Items screen, define the billing item by specifying its description, type, calculation method, taxable status, and print order. The fields displayed in this section vary depending on the fee type selected.
  3. If this fee applies to all clients, marking the Standard fee checkbox. When this checkbox is marked for a fee, the fee will be automatically selected in the Fee Selection grid in the Setup > Clients > Billing tab for every client. If necessary, you can delete the fee from individual client records.
  4. If the fee uses a graduated scale, the Fee Schedule section displays the graduated table and a number of fields that vary depending on the calculation type selected for the fee. Enter the applicable information in the graduated table. (See the Using graduated tables for client fees - examples topic for more information.)
  5. Enter or select the appropriate GL account numbers in the GL Account Distributions section.
  6. Click Enter to save the billing item.

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