Organizing FileCabinet CS documents by category

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To send documents to FileCabinet CS and categorize them first by service and then by date, mark the Organize by Category checkbox in the FileCabinet CS options section of the Preferences tab of the Firm screen.

Note: The document tree structure for files that have already been sent to FileCabinet CS does not change when you choose to organize any new documents by category. If you choose to use this feature, we recommend that you implement this change at the beginning of a processing period to maintain a standard reporting practice.

Category mapping in FileCabinet CS

Folder structure in FileCabinet CS with the Organize by Category checkbox unmarked:

ACS send to FCAB

Folder structure in FileCabinet CS with the Organize by Category checkbox marked:

ACS send to FCAB by cat

The following table illustrates how reports and checks from various screens in the application are categorized when they are sent to FileCabinet CS.

Report type Checks Category in FileCabinet CS

Includes client reports, impound reports, payroll processing schedules, sales tax reports, staff-related reports, and tickmark list.

Note: All firm reports for the Workpapers service are also sent to this category folder.

n/a FIRMADMIN (separate drawer/client in FileCabinet CS)

Includes account grouping reports, bank account reports, Chart of Accounts reports, consolidation reports, general ledger reports, tax reports, Trial Balance reports, vendor reports, and more.

Payee checks, Trade vendor checks, Firm vendor checks Accounting
Accounts Payable

Includes aging reports, cash requirements, payable and payment lists, and purchase journals.

Accounts payable checks Accounting
Accounts Receivable

Includes aging reports, customer activity and lists, invoice and payment lists, and sales reports.

n/a Accounting
Accounts Receivable invoices n/a Accounting

Includes 1099 activity reports, accruable benefits report, cash requirement and deposit reports, general payroll reports, lists, worksheets, journals, tax reports, unprinted payroll check reports, vendor reports, employee reports, and more.

1099 Recipient checks, Firm vendor checks (for payroll liabilities), Tax Agent and Payroll Agent checks Payroll
Billing invoices n/a Payroll
Payroll Tax forms n/a Payroll Tax forms
Financial Statements n/a Financial Statements
Letters n/a Accounting
Engagement binder

Includes Excel workpapers, Word documents, PDFs, PPC documents and checklists, and much more.

n/a Workpapers


  • If multiple checks are printed at the same time on the same tab, the first check will determine which category is used. For example, if you have checks going to a 1099 Recipient, Payroll Agent, and Trade vendor, and all of these checks are on the Vendor/Payee tab, then the first check listed will determine the category as everything printed from the one tab is sent as a single printing instance. Alternatively, if there are checks to be printed from the Vendor/Payee tab as well as the Payroll tab, these would be treated as two separate instances and could go into separate categories.
  • Profile stapling is overridden if you choose to organize by category and you are printing a profile to FileCabinet CS.

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