Setting up an agricultural client

Alerts and notices

Accounting CS enables you to set up clients that are required to file a Federal Form 943. This article highlights special setup steps that need to be completed for an agricultural client.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and add a new client.
  2. In the Employer type field in the Payroll Taxes tab, select an employer type that includes Agricultural (943), then click Enter.
  3. Choose Setup > Payroll Items and add a pay item for the client.
  4. (Optional) If this client is exempt from paying overtime at 1.5 time, edit the Overtime field in the Multipliers section to be 1.0.
  5. Choose Setup > Employees and add an employee.
  6. On the Main tab, select Agricultural in the Type field.


  • New pay items default to an overtime multiplier of 1.5.
  • Accounting CS does not automatically accommodate rules for minors who are employed. You will need to verify that the payroll checks are calculating properly for minor employees.
  • The application will not display a prompt if the check is below the minimum wage threshold, unless you are using a pay item with a special type of Tipped wages or Reported tips.

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