CSA: Terminal Server detected. A Server-Based computing license is required

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After launching Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) while in the Virtual Office environment, you may receive an error message:

  • Terminal Server detected. A Server-Based Computing license is required. To upgrade your license, please contact an account representative at 800-968-0600.

This message typically results from two scenarios:

You are an active Engagement CS user on Virtual Office and your terminal server license has expired. If you have a current license for Engagement CS, you can renew terminal server license via our website

You have a perpetual license for CSA that does not include Engagement CS. In this scenario, the terminal server license that allows you to run CSA in the Virtual Office environment has expired. This license cannot be renewed and you will no longer be able to open CSA in VO. Although Support for CSA ended on June 1, 2017, you can follow these steps to install CSA locally and download your client’s data and run reports in your own environment.

If you have any questions or need assistance, use our Help & How-To Center for assistance as support for CSA has ended. 

The following process may be subject to change based on Thomson Reuters policies. There may be a point in time where you can no longer download copies of your client’s data or install CSA without errors.

Install Creative Solutions Accounting locally
  1. Go to My Product Downloads to download a copy of CS Professional Suite: Accounting Products.
  2. Install Creative Solutions Accounting in your environment.
  3. Download and install your licenses.
Download your clients from Virtual Office

If your CSA license is perpetual and you have access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or FileCabinet CS on Virtual Office, you can download your client’s data by following these steps:

  1. On your local computer, browse to the CSAData that was created when installing CSA, typically C:\WinCSI\CSAData, and leave this window open to paste your client’s data.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel or Word on VO to go File> Open > Browse or Open FileCabinet CS on VO, right click on a drawer and click on Open C: drive on local machine (V:).
  3. Click on Computer (on the left-hand side).
  4. Click to open the Y drive (the Y drive description will be “wincsi (\\ServerName\Firms\FirmID\) (Y:)”).
  5. Click on and open the CSAData folder.
  6. Select the ClientID Folder(s) that you wish to copy, use Ctrl+Click to select more than one.
  7. Use Ctrl+C to copy the folders you selected.
  8. Use Ctrl+V to paste the folders in your newly created local folder CSAData.
  9. Open CSA and go to Help > Repair and click on Rebuild client list.

In some instances, you may need to copy your system file. Browse to CSASys folder within the Y drive and copy wsw.sys to the same folder on your computer.

If you do not have access to Excel/Word or FileCabinet CS on Virtual Office, follow the Virtual Office CS options to talk to a Web Services representative. Depending on how long your data has been stored, you may be able to obtain copies. 

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Internal only

Notes for Support:

  • Do not transfer the user to Sales or Customer Service as they cannot renew their Terminal Server license.
  • Engagement CS is no longer being sold. Users cannot purchase Engagement CS 'after the fact' in order to renew their Terminal Server license and gain access to Creative Solutions Accounting.