Transitioning firm client data from CSA to Accounting CS

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By default, Accounting CS includes a special client record for your firm data. The application does not allow you to convert CSA client data into an existing client, so if you need to migrate your firm data from CSA to Accounting CS, use one of the following methods.

Note: The Transfer Client Information utility is not available for any consolidation master clients.

Transfer Client Information

  1. Convert the firm client from CSA into Accounting CS as a regular client.
  2. Use the Transfer Client Information dialog to quickly transfer information from the converted client to the Firm client in Accounting CS.

Note: Using the Transfer Client Information tool in Accounting CS will transfer the setup of one client into another, but does not transfer any transactions or actual data between clients, therefore the importing steps will be essential to get your firm data into the client in Accounting CS.

Import spreadsheets

  1. In CSA, export reports to Microsoft Excel.
  2. Save the file somewhere you can easily find it again.
  3. In Accounting CS, choose File > Import > Spreadsheet.
  4. Select the Firm client in the Client name field, the Data type your spreadsheet contains, and then browse to where you saved the file.
  5. See the Spreadsheet import overview topic for additional details about continuing the spreadsheet import process.

Repeat these steps for each type of data you need to include in the Firm record in Accounting CS that has a supported data type for spreadsheet import.

You may find the following CSA reports helpful:

  • Condensed Payroll Journal
  • Trial Balance
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Vendor Listing
  • Employee Listing
  • Transaction Listing

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