Layout Designer: Repeating regions and rows in a layout

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Repeating regions

Choose Insert > Region > Repeating Region in a layout to define areas that contain repeating variables that flow from the current client's data.

In the Properties section of the Design Tools frame you can define a selected repeating region as a continuation of another region (parent). Adding Repeating Region continuations enables you to utilize additional space in the layout to include repeating elements whose source variables are contained in the parent repeating region. A common use for Repeating Region continuations in a layout is a column format.

A Repeating Region continuation must be blank and not contain any elements like variables or text. If any elements exist in the repeating region, the continuation options are unavailable (grayed) in the Properties section of the Design Tools frame.

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Repeating rows

A repeating row (colored green) contains a row of elements like variables and text that are inserted into a repeating region. The following options are available in the Properties section of the Design Tools frame when a repeating row is selected in the design grid.

Drag and drop variables into the design grid

Elements like text or variables that are inserted into a repeating region within the design grid will appear in a green row. The easiest method to place a variable into a form within the design grid is to drag and drop it in place.

  1. Press your mouse button and select a variable in the Variables tree in the Design Tools pane.
  2. Keep the mouse button pressed and drag the variable into the correct position in the design grid (green section).
  3. The frame of the green section in the design grid turns bold black when it is in or near the correct position. (Note: You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to make small adjustments in the position of the selected variable in the design grid.)

    To simplify the process, you can resize the green row before you select the variable to drag and drop into the row.

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  • Text and variables contained in a repeating row (colored green) are grouped together in a repeating region. Repeating rows move with the associated repeating region if it is dragged and dropped to another location in the layout.
  • Elements that are inserted into the design grid outside of a repeating region will not repeat when viewed or printed.

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