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In the Home, Firm, Staff, and Client dashboards you can use the Web Browser portlet to view multiple sources of information in a single dashboard, such as web pages, RSS feeds, and other user-defined items.

For users of Accounting CS in Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS) environments

The Web Browser portlet and the Custom portlet features are not available in the Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS) environments. As an alternative, you can use the News module on the portal to add web page links and news articles to your portals.

Fields & buttons

Enter the name of the news feed item will display in the portlet.

Insert a link here to the news item if it can be found on a web page.

The application defaults to the current date, but the date can be changed, if necessary.

Enter a message for the news item. You can use the toolbar to add hyperlinks, change the text color, and add images.

Specify a name for the attachment, if one is added to the news item.

Enter an address for the attachment with a hyperlink to an internal network location or website, if applicable.

Select one of the following types of attachment from the drop-down list.

  • Enclosure Link (attachment)
  • Image Link (attachment)
  • Image Link (photo)
  • Audio Link (audio file)
  • Video Link (video file)

Adding a custom portlet

Use the following steps to add a custom portlet.

  1. Choose View > <Home, Firm, Staff, or Client> Dashboard.
  2. Add a new view (tab) to the dashboard.
  3. Click the Select Portlets link on the top-right and mark the box to display the Web Browser portlet.
  4. On the Web Browser portlet toolbar, click the Add Custom Portlet button.
  5. Enter a description for the custom portlet.
  6. Choose the type of portlet: Web Page, RSS Feed, or Firm News Feed.
  7. For Web Page and RSS Feed, enter the web address that the portlet will display.
  8. Click Enter to save your changes.

Examples of the Firm News Feed and Dashboard view

When adding a custom portlet of the type Firm News Feed, you can enter text to display and add links to web pages, documents, images or other attachments in the Configuration section.

Example 1: Firm News Feed

The following example is a Firm News Feed called PVM News that was created to inform staff about transitioning from Creative Solutions Accounting to Accounting CS.

custom newsfeed 1

Click Done to close the Add Custom Portlet dialog, and then click Add to create another or click Enter to save your changes. When you enable the display of your custom portlet, you can see the news feed items that you have entered as shown in Example 2.

Example 2: Custom portlets in the Home Dashboard

The following example illustrates three custom portlets displayed in the same view on the Home Dashboard.

Finalized news feed portlet

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