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The Home, Firm, Staff, and Client dashboards in Accounting CS enable you to aggregate numerous sources of information onto a single screen using portlets. For example, you can select portlets to display items such as system information, web pages, firm-wide news feeds, RSS feeds, the Tax & Accounting Community (formerly ARNE), the CS website and Help & How-To Center, resources for working in Accounting CS, websites for PPC and Checkpoint, news about Accounting CS, and more.

To open a dashboard, choose View > <Name> Dashboard.

Adding portlets

To add portlets to the dashboard, click the Select Portlets link in the top-right corner of the screen, or right-click in the dashboard and choose Select Portlets from the context menu. In the Select Portlets dialog, mark the checkbox next to the portlets that you want to add and click OK.


  • You can drag and drop the portlets on the dashboard to arrange them on screen, and resize them by clicking and dragging the edges of the portlet frames.
  • You can also optimize the portlet workspace by adding separate views and/or stacking portlets in a tabbed view within a single dashboard.
  • Because the Home and Staff dashboards are user-specific, no one else can view your customized dashboard.
  • If you access Accounting CS through Virtual Office CS, the web-browsing capabilities of Accounting CS are restricted to sites related to Thomson Reuters. This ensures that any browsing restrictions in place within your firm are honored in the application.
  • To view documents stored for the client in FileCabinet CS, you must be licensed for FileCabinet CS.

Available dashboards

Home Dashboard

Firm Dashboard

Staff Dashboard

Client Dashboard

Workpapers Dashboard

Bank Feeds Dashboard

Portlet information

Client Access Processing Notifications

Staff In/Out Availability

Engagement Binders Tree

File Exchange Documents

Notes List

Workpapers List

Payroll Form and Filing Information

Payroll Tracking

FileCabinet CS Documents

Source Document Processing

Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds Overview

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