Adding a direct deposit bank account

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Before you can set up client-level bank accounts for direct deposit, you first need to set up one or more bank in the Banks screen in Accounting CS by following the Adding a bank for direct deposit procedure. After you set up the banks, you can follow the steps below to set up client bank accounts for direct deposit.

  1. Choose Setup > Bank Accounts.
  2. In the Bank Accounts screen, click the Add button.
  3. In the Main tab, enter information for the bank account in the Identification, References, General ledger, and Check Printing Defaults sections.

    Note: In the References section, you can mark the Zero amount net checks checkbox if you want to use references other than check numbers for zero amount net checks such as payments via direct deposit, EFTPS, and electronic or internet files. The field is alphanumeric and allows you to print stubs on blank check stock, incrementing each subsequent reference by 1. For example, if you enter DIRDEP as the reference, the references for the stubs would be DIRDEP1, DIRDEP2, DIRDEP3, etc.

  4. In the Check Layout tab , make your selections in the Layout selection section and, if appropriate, the MICR, Images, and Check printing options sections.
  5. In the Direct Deposit tab, if you are using Kotapay, mark the ACH processed by Kotapay checkbox and then proceed to step 9. If you are not using Kotapay for ACH processing, select the Originator bank from the drop-down list and then select the information to be used for the immediate origin and immediate origin name.


    • Check with your bank or the third-party processing your ACH files to be sure which options you should use here. The application defaults to the options most commonly used.
    • If at least one of the client's employees or vendors is set up with an International direct deposit allocation, Other is not a valid selection for Immediate origin.
  6. If your bank or third-party processor requires further direct deposit setup information, click the Advanced Setup button to open the Advanced Setup dialog. As with the information in the Bank Accounts screen, check with your bank or third-party processor to be sure which options to choose and which fields to complete and then click OK to close the dialog.
  7. In the Destination section, select the Immediate destination bank from the drop-down list.
  8. In the Balanced file section, mark the checkbox(es) if the bank or the third-party processing your ACH files requires balanced files. (If a file is balanced, there is an additional withdrawal transaction from the account that is the total amount of the credit transactions.)
  9. In the Bank account prenote information section, select Prenote from the drop-down list. Because this bank account has just been added, the bank account information should be prenoted prior to sending live ACH files.
  10. Click Enter to save the bank information.

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