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Use the Direct Deposit tab to specify direct deposit information for client banks or the firm's impound bank account.

Note: If both your firm and the client are processing ACH files using the same bank account, direct deposit information should be set up both in this tab (when the firm is processing ACH files) and in the Client Direct Deposit tab (when the client is processing ACH files). This is necessary in cases where the firm and your client require different details in the ACH file 5 Record.

Client Bank Accounts screen - choose Setup > Bank Accounts and then click the Direct Deposit tab.

Impound Bank Accounts screen (For live payroll processing only) - choose Setup > Firm Information > Impound Bank Accounts and then click the Direct Deposit tab.

Fields & buttons

If Kotapay will process ACH files for this bank account, mark the checkbox in this section. When this checkbox is marked, the only field in this screen that can be modified is the Status field in the Bank Account Prenote Information section.

Enter or select the following originator information.

  • Originator bank. Select the bank where the ACH file is originating - the bank or credit union sending the file. This list includes the banks that were set up in the Setup > Firm Information > Banks screen. If the bank you need has not yet been set up, you can add it here on the fly.
    • If your bank requires additional direct deposit setup information (such as company name and ID, individual ID, effective date, reference codes, header and control record options, etc.), click the Advanced Setup button to open the Direct Deposit Advanced Setup dialog
    • If you have set up more than one bank account for this client, mark the Primary bank account checkbox for the bank account to use when prenoting employees, vendors, and agents. The application uses information for the primary bank account in the ACH file header record.
    • If the ACH processed by Kotapay checkbox is marked, the Immediate origin field defaults to the Firm EIN option and becomes grayed out. For the ACH to process correctly, the Firm EIN needs to be entered in the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen.
  • Immediate origin. Choose the number to use for the immediate origin for this account — Firm EIN, Client EIN, Originator bank routing number, or Other. If you choose Other, enter the appropriate numbers in the associated field.
  • Immediate origin name. Choose the name to use for the immediate origin for this account — Firm name, Client name, Originator bank name, or Other (and then specify other).

    Note: If at least one employee or vendor has been set up with an International direct deposit allocation for the selected client, Other is not a valid selection for Immediate origin.

Select the immediate destination — the bank or credit union that will receive the ACH file — from the drop-down list.

Specify the prenote status for the account — Approved, Prenote, or Waiting.

Specify the types of files that are balanced. Unbalanced files have a transaction for each direct deposit amount and account. Balanced files have an additional withdrawal transaction from the account for the total amount of the credit transactions.

Note: If you mark any of these checkboxes after the files have been created, the application will not change the ACH files. You must reprocess the client's payroll to include the balanced files.

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