Setting up client-level impound information

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For live payroll processing only

Use the Impound tab of the Setup > Clients screen to set up impound information for each client.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients.
  2. For new clients, enter all necessary information for the client in the Main tab, Payroll Information tab, Payroll Taxes tab, and Billing tab of the Clients screen. For existing clients, verify the client information. 

    Note: If the Accounting or Accounts Payable services are enabled, those tabs will also require setup.

  3. Click the Impound tab.
  4. In the Transactions to Fund section, mark the checkboxes next to the transaction types that you want to fund for this client. Details
    • Payroll - For funding payroll checks
    • Tax agents - For funding taxes, such as FICA, federal withholding, state withholding, and local taxes
    • Firm vendor - For funding fees that clients are charged for your services. To use this option, Billing must be set up for the client.
    • Payroll agents - For funding payroll deduction items, like uniforms, child support, levies and garnishments, retirement plans, etc. The appropriate vendors must be set up to receive these amounts.

    Note: Any unprinted payroll checks for the client must be printed, converted to handwritten, or deleted prior to disabling payroll funding.

  5. If you are funding transactions for tax agents or payroll agents, specify whether to fund all or selected agents. To select the agents, click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button.
  6. For each transaction type, use the drop-down lists to select the appropriate impound bank accounts to be used for the deposit account (the holding account) and withdrawal account (the account that will be used to pay that transaction type). These may or may not be the same bank account.

    Note: The drop-down lists for the Deposit account and Withdrawal account fields include all impound bank accounts that are set up to fund that specific type of transaction (in the Funding section of the Setup > Firm Information > Impound Bank Accounts screen).

  7.  If funding should begin at a specific time in the future, select that date from the calendar in the Deferred start field. If the default option (none) is selected, all transactions of the specified type are subject to funding regardless of the transaction date.
  8. In the Source section, click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button to open the Source dialog and choose whether to use the client's bank account or impound bank account as the source for:
    • Reference numbers - The next check number to use for the checks
    • Check layouts - to determine what layout to use for the checks
    • Images - To determine what logo should be used on the checks
  9. In the Write-offs section, choose the client GL account that should be used for any write-off amounts.
  10. Click the Enter button to save this information.

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