Running direct deposit processing reports

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The ACH Detail Report shows the details of each record contained in all or selected ACH files. The ACH Condensed Report shows a condensed view of all direct deposit transactions contained in all or selected ACH files.

  1. Choose Actions > Process Direct Deposit.
  2. In the Process Direct Deposit screen, click the Manage Files button to open the Manage Files dialog.
  3. In the Manage Files dialog, click the checkbox next to the ACH files or individual direct deposit transactions that should be included in the report.
  4. To run an ACH report, click either the Condensed Report or the Detail Report button. These buttons will be active only if one or more transactions are marked in the grid.
  5. In the ACH Condensed Report dialog or the ACH Detail Report dialog (depending on which report you selected), click either the Print Preview button to preview the report or click the Print button to print the report.
  6. Click the Done button to close the dialog and then click Done again to close the Manage Files dialog.

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