Organizing payroll tax forms when printing to FileCabinet CS

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When printing payroll tax forms to FileCabinet CS, you can group them by form, jurisdiction, or period end date.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm Information > Firm and click the Preferences tab.
  2. In the FileCabinet CS Options section, select an option from the Group forms in FileCabinet CS by drop-down list.
    • Form. Groups payroll tax forms based on the form name. Mark the Include state ID checkbox to include the client's two-character state postal code as a prefix to the file name.


    • Jurisdiction. Groups payroll tax forms based on state or federal jurisdiction. Mark the Exclude federal forms checkbox to keep federal forms separate, otherwise federal forms are grouped under "US."


    • Period End Date. Groups payroll tax forms based on the period end date.


  3. Click Enter to save your changes.

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