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Uploading payroll information to the portal

Once the client has been set up for remote payroll entry, the client and employee information will be available in the Manage NetClient CS screen, where you can specify which information to send to the NetClient CS portal. The Manage NetClient CS screen displays all clients with Remote Payroll Entry selected as the time entry method in the Clients screen and have a valid pay schedule.

  1. Choose Actions > Manage NetClient CS.
  2. In the Manage NetClient CS screen, mark the checkboxes for the client payroll information you want to upload. You can click the plus signs next to the clients to display individual employee information records .
  3. When the payroll information is selected for upload, click the Upload button to send the information to the portal. The Status column will display Uploaded - Queued until the information is retrieved from the portal, at which time the status becomes Uploaded - Unchanged.

Note: Only one payroll schedule at a time can be on the client's portal. If your client has multiple payroll schedules that use remote time entry, upload the timesheet that needs to be completed first. When the client enters the time and completes the payroll, that timesheet must be imported back to into Accounting CS, at which time the next timesheet becomes available for upload. If you upload a timesheet to the portal and then immediately upload a second timesheet, the first timesheet will be overwritten.

Re-uploading a timesheet to the portal for the same payroll period

In a situation where the client accidentally completes a payroll or they need to make a change to the current timesheet, you can upload the timesheet again in most cases.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Payroll Information tab.
  2. Click the Ellipsis button next to the Payroll Schedules field.
  3. Select the payroll schedule and verify that the status of the current period is Not Processed. If it shows as Completed, use the drop-down arrow to select Not Processed and then click Enter and Done to save your changes.

    Note: If the check date for the payroll schedule is in the past, you cannot change the status.

  4. Choose Actions > Manage NetClient CS and select the client.
  5. Click the Upload button to override the information on the client's portal and make those pay dates available again.

Timesheet upload status messages

The following is an explanation of the timesheet upload status messages used in the Manage NetClient CS screen.

  • Pending Upload. The timesheet is ready to upload. To upload, mark the checkbox next to the client and click the Upload button.
  • Uploaded - Queued. The timesheet has been uploaded, but has not yet been retrieved by the client's portal.
  • Uploaded - Unchanged. The timesheet has been retrieved by the client's portal and is available for the client to enter hours.
  • Uploaded - Changed. The client has entered some time, then saved the timesheet. The client has not yet clicked the Complete button to transmit the timesheet.
  • Pending Download. The client has clicked the Complete button to transmit the timesheet. The timesheet is ready to import via the Actions > Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen.

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