Using transaction templates to create payroll checks

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When you set up a payroll check template for an employee in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen, you can select that template at any time to have Accounting CS create a payroll check for that employee, using the information in the template as default information for the payroll check.

Payroll check templates are available for after-the-fact payroll clients only.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Transactions.
  2. Select Payroll check from the drop-down list in the Type field.
  3. Select the employee for which a payroll check template has been created. The application will recall the template information based on the setting in the Check template retrieval field in the Payroll tab of the Enter Transactions Options dialog, accessed via the Edit > Options command.
    • Never. The application starts with a blank transaction record when creating a new payroll check.
    • Always. The application automatically populates the transaction record with template information when creating a new payroll check.
    • Prompt for template. The application displays a prompt asking if you want to use the employee's payroll check template when creating a new payroll check.
  4. Enter or update any information for this payroll check, and then click Enter to save the check.

When a payroll check template is used for an employee, the application deducts payroll taxes at the limit that is specified in the template, even if the employee reaches the threshold limit for the tax. The payroll processor needs to manually update the employee's payroll check template when they have reached the limit.

If you change the pay amount on an employee check created using a payroll check template, the application uses the tax calculations specified in the template, and will not adjust the taxes automatically based on the new pay amount. The payroll processor must either choose Edit > Clear Check Overrides or manually correct the tax calculations for the payroll check.

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