Payroll tax form year-end processing tips

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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

The following is a list of tasks to follow and resources to use as you prepare for year-end payroll tax form processing.

View the relevant payroll tax form processing workflows

The workflows provide both an overview and a step-by-step walkthrough of each process.

Payroll tax reconciliation forms workflow

W-2 form processing workflow

1099 form processing workflow

Review the form instructions for any applicable payroll tax forms

You can find links to applicable agency websites in the following locations.

Determine your filing options

Are you filing on paper or electronically?

Filing by paper: Order the forms necessary for processing

W-2s and 1099s

Determine the total number of W-2s and 1099s that you will need for your clients and then order the forms that you'll need. The following resources may assist you.

Note: The IRS does not currently accept Form 1099 Copy A and 1096 on blank paper. You will need to use the pre-printed red scannable forms.

Filing electronically: Register to file electronically

Review common Form W-2 and 1099 processing questions

Take advantage of training opportunities

Verify that your information is correct

Verifying client and employee W-2 information

Note: Before creating and sending verification files, you must first register with the SSA to be part of the Employee Verification Service. For more information about registering, please contact the SSA at (410) 965-7140 or visit their website at The SSA will provide you with a four-digit requester identification code if you register for diskette filing. If you registered electronically and will be filing electronically, you will use OEVS as your Requester Identification Code.

Verifying client and recipient 1099 information

Note: To verify the tax identification numbers (TIN) for your client's vendors you must first register with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For more information about registering, please visit their website at

Verify your version of Accounting CS

Verify that the most recent version of the application is installed  and that all software updates have been applied. Form and tax table updates are released as we receive them.

You can determine the most current version of the application by viewing the latest release bulletin.

See also: Using the user bulletins to determine the latest program version

Use AccuWage Online to verify your W-2 files

Prior to uploading your internet files to the SSA, you may find it useful to verify your W-2  files using the SSA AccuWage Online utility. You can access the utility for free via the Social Security Administration's website at AccuWage Online identifies the most common format errors in wage submissions. Using AccuWage Online is easy and it greatly reduces submission rejections.

Enter the current payroll tax rate changes prior to entering payroll information

If your client's SUI rate has changed, you will need to enter the new rate on the Payroll Taxes tab of the Setup > Clients screen.

Additional resources

The Payroll tax processing overview contains links to many more articles that may be helpful as you perform your year-end processing.

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