Verifying client and recipient 1099 information

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Follow the procedures below to ensure that your client and recipient 1099 information is complete and accurate prior to processing forms.

  1. In the Main tab of the Setup > Clients screen, verify that client EINs have been entered. 
  2. In the Payroll Taxes tab of the Setup > Clients screen, verify that the state withholding IDs have been entered.
  3. Still in the Payroll Taxes tab, verify the 1099 form filing method and the additional information for 1099 forms.
  4. In the File > Print Reports screen, expand the Payroll folder and run an Employee Earnings report using the following report options. In the Regions to Include section, mark the Missing/Invalid W-2 Information checkbox.  Then, in the Employee tab of the Filtering and Sorting section, choose Type > is > Independent contractor. Verify information and make any necessary corrections.
  5. Run a Vendor List - Condensed report. In the Vendor tab of the Filtering and Sorting section, choose Type > is > 1099 Recipient. Verify information and make any necessary corrections. 
  6. Run a 1099 Activity report.
  7. Choose Actions > Verify SSN/TIN and verify employee Social Security numbers and vendor taxpayer identification numbers.
  8. Verify the 1099 printing options set in the Print Options dialog of the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen. 
  9. Order 1099 forms. (See Printing the W-2 or 1099 Ordering Worksheet.)

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