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Use the Print Options dialog to select the employee sort order for printing or to override the filing method for a form.

Note: If necessary, you can override the printer selection for individual copies in the Setup > User Preferences dialog. Otherwise, the application uses the printer selected in the Printer section of the Print dialog.

Choose Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms, select 1095-C as the form type, choose the appropriate year, click the Refresh button, and then click the Process Client Forms Process client forms Process client forms button button. In the Process Client 1095-C Forms dialog, click the Print Options button.

Fields & buttons

  • Employee sort order. Use the drop-down list to select the employee sort order to use for printing the 1095-C forms. The options are:
    • ID
    • Social Security Number
    • Name (default option)
    • Location
    • Location/Department
    • Department
  • Use 1094-C as separator page. Mark this checkbox to print a paper copy of the 1094-C as a separator page instead of the normal separator page. Note: This checkbox takes effect only if you have chosen to use a separator page by marking the Separator Page checkbox for 1095-C in the Printers tab of the Setup > User Preferences dialog.
    • Print watermark on separator page. Mark this checkbox to add a "SEPARATOR" watermark to the 1094-C separator page.

In the Filing Method Selection section you can specify the filing method to use for the Agency Copy/1094-C and the Employee Copy for the selected forms. Per client selection (the method selected at the client level) is selected by default, but if you choose another method here, the application uses that method regardless of what is selected at the client level.

The selection that you make here affects only the filing copy being sent to the agency or the employee and does not affect the client copy.

To print the client copy, you need to mark the Client copy checkbox in the Print dialog

If you are processing any electronic or internet/magnetic files, be sure to mark the Filing copy checkbox in the Print dialog to queue the files and make them available for processing in the Actions > Process Electronic Files screen or the Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen.

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