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The Client Dashboard enables you display important information such as, account balances, income information, and other client-related information on a single screen.

To open the Client Dashboard, choose View > Client Dashboard.

For details about customizing a dashboard, see Working with portlets.

Available portlets

Each dashboard has a different set of portlets that can be displayed based on your needs. The following portlets are available for selection in the Client Dashboard.

Portlet Function
Account Analysis Displays all of the accounts on the client's Chart of Accounts, the balances for the current year to date, the prior year to date, and the differences between those numbers.
Account Balances Displays all of the accounts on the client's Chart of Accounts and the year to date balances. (To view data in this portlet you must have the appropriate security privileges to access the Actions > View Account Activity dialog.)
Accounting CS Ideas Community

Displays the Ideas Community login page that enables a registered user to participate in the community forum in which you can share ideas with other users and provide feedback and suggestions to the Thomson Reuters development team.

Accounting CS Library

Displays a list of custom reports, financial statements, and letters that you can preview and print or import directly into the Report Designer and Print Reports screen.

Aged Payables Displays a chart that shows the current and overdue (aged) payables for the client.
Aged Receivables Displays a chart that shows the current and overdue (aged) receivables for the client.
Bank Account information Displays bank accounts for the client, the tentative balance (including pending and unprinted transactions), the actual balance, and the current reconciliation. (To view information in this portlet, you must have the appropriate security privileges to view checks, deposits, payroll checks, and payments in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen.)

Displays the Thomson Reuters Checkpoint web page.

Client Information

Displays basic client information, such as the address and contact information, and the firm processors.

CS Home Page

Displays the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite web page.


Displays a list of all the client's employees and their home phone number. (To view the information in this portlet you must have the appropriate security privileges to access the Setup > Employees screen.)

Engagement Binder Status

Displays a list of all of the clients with the Workpapers Service enabled, the set up of the binders, the status of the binder, and the dates associated with each binder.

FileCabinet CS Documents

Displays the FileCabinet CS drawer for the selected client. You can double-click a document to open it in FileCabinet CS. (You must be licensed for and have installed FileCabinet CS).

Help & How-To

Displays the Help & How-To Center for the application.

Income Statement - Actual vs. Budget Displays the year to date actual balances, the budget balance, and the amount over or under budget.
Internet Filing

Displays a list of links to payroll tax form filing web pages (for example, the American Payroll Association State and Social Security Business Services Online).

Net Income - Actual vs. Budget

Displays a chart that shows the actual and budgeted net income for the current and prior years.


Displays alerts and update notifications for the application.

Payroll Form and Filing Information

Displays information about the available payroll forms in the application, filing methods, and other payroll tax form related information.


Displays the Checkpoint PPC product web page.


Displays a list of quick links to available resources, such as Support, the Help & How-To Center, and the IRS home page.

Revenues and Expenses

Displays a chart that shows the current and prior year revenues and expenses.


Displays a blank portlet in which you can add shortcuts to available documents for all staff members. Right-click in the portlet, choose Add, navigate to and select the document that you want to add to the portlet.

System Information

Displays system information about the machine from which the application is running. (Note: You can click the title bar of the System Information portlet to open a dialog which contains the system information that you can copy and send to a Support Representative.)

Tax & Accounting Blog

Displays a page on our website where you can view and comment on the latest blog postings related to industry news and trends.

Tax & Accounting Community

Displays a page on our website where Thomson Reuters customers can connect with other professionals in a secure environment.

Tax & Accounting Events

Displays a page on our website that contains a calendar for our upcoming tradeshows, webcasts, and customer events.

Tax & Accounting Newsletters

Displays a list of links to publications, such as the Solutions Magazine, Aumentum News, ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing newsletter, and much more.

Tax & Press Releases

(Replaces the CS Professional Suite – Thomson Reuters portlet.)

Displays a page on our website that contains the latest news and announcements of interest from Thomson Reuters’ various businesses and sectors.


Displays a listing of all vendors for the selected client and their business phone number.

Web Browser

Displays the default browser to your Home page within the dashboard, enabling you to browse the internet or your network. (Note: The Web Browser portlet enables you to create a custom portlet that displays a web page or an RSS feed.)

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