Workers' Compensation Rate dialog

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Use the Workers' Compensation Rate dialog to set the effective date, rate, and any experience modification for a workers' compensation code. This information is then displayed in the Workers' Compensation tab of the Clients screen.

Choose Setup > Clients, click the Workers' Compensation tab, and in the Workers' Compensation grid section, click the Ellipsis button button next to the Rate field.

Fields & buttons

  • Workers' Compensation grid. This grid displays the effective dates and rates that you have assigned to this client. You can add multiple rates with different effective dates. Click Add or Edit and then use the fields on the right side of the dialog to add or modify information in the grid.
  • Effective Date. Enter an effective date for the rate you are entering for the client. If there is more than one effective date listed in the grid, the payroll check date on a check determines which workers' compensation rate is used for that check. Example


    If two effective dates are displayed in the grid; 01/01/2018 and 01/01/2019, a payroll check dated 01/10/19 will use the rate with the effective date of 01/01/2019. Likewise, a payroll check dated 12/18/2018 will use the rate with the effective date of 01/01/2018.

  • Rate. Enter the workers' compensation rate to go into effect on the selected effective date. Separate employer rate and employee rate fields are available in the dialog for Washington clients.
  • Experience Modification. If applicable, enter your experience modification percentage.
  • Inactive checkbox. For rates that are now inactive, mark the Inactive checkbox.

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