Setting up workers' compensation information for a client

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Use the Workers' Compensation tab of the Clients screen to set up workers' compensation codes and information to be made available for the client's employees.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients, highlight the appropriate client in the Client list, and click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Workers' Compensation tab and, in the Workers' Compensation grid, select the state and code from the drop-down lists. The states available in the list reflect the states available to the client in the Payroll Taxes tab


    • You can mark the Inactive checkbox for any codes that are no longer in use.
    • You can add a new Workers' Compensation code on the fly by entering the code in the Code field. The application displays a prompt, asking if you would like to add the code. Click Yes to open a dialog version of the Workers' Compensation Codes screen where you can enter the new code and description.
  3. Enter or select the appropriate General Ledger liability and expense accounts to be used when journal entries related to the accrual of workers' compensation amounts are created. The account numbers entered here will be used by default for all the client's employees, but can be modified at the employee level if necessary.
  4. Enter the appropriate rate, effective date, and experience modification percentage by clicking the Ellipsis button button next to the Rate column and entering them in the Workers' Compensation Rate dialog

    Note: Additional fields (Employer rate and Employee rate) are available for Washington clients for Washington L & I.

  5. Select the agent to be used for the creation of liabilities for the code. The drop-down list contains all Payroll Agent type vendors set up for the client. (For Washington only, this will be the tax agent.)
  6. Continue adding rows until all of the workers' compensation codes are added for the client.
  7. Click the Enter button to save the client information.

Note: For client's enrolled with InsurePay or XactPAY (The Hartford): Once you have retrieved consent files for the client, policy information will populate automatically in the proper section below.

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