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You can create a standard set of tickmarks from a list of predefined and customizable tickmark symbols. Tickmarks can assist you in organizing comments and workflow processes for your clients in Accounting CS. The application provides 29 default tickmarks that can be deleted or edited, as necessary.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Tickmarks.


  • Tickmarks are created and customized on a firm level, therefore they are available for use with any of the firm's clients.
  • Tickmarks can be created using text or images.
  • All tickmarks that you create in the Tickmarks screen (including application defaults) are available to be inserted from the Tickmark column of the Trial Balance grid, the PDF editor (stamp tool), and via the Workpapers CS add-in in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Because tickmarks are associated with specific accounts, you may have only one tickmark per period for each account.
  • Tickmarks may be carried forward to the next period and/or year.

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Fields & buttons

Select a tickmark item from the list to edit or delete. Click the Add button to create a new tickmark.

Enter a description of up to 50 characters in length which may contain numbers, letters, or special characters.

Choose the type for this tickmark.

  • Text. Choose this option to create a tickmark that is comprised of text characters. Enter up to 50 characters that can include numbers, letters, and/or special characters (duplicates are allowed) as the tickmark. Click the Ellipsis button button to specify font settings.
  • Image. Choose this option to create a tickmark from an image file. Click the Ellipsis button button to browse to and select the tickmark image file. Acceptable image types include BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, ICO, EMF, and WMF.

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