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For payroll compliance (annually licensed)

Use the Manage Electronic Forms dialog to preview and check the status of transmitted electronic forms.

Choose Actions > Process Electronic Forms and then click the Manage Electronic Forms button.

Fields & buttons

Use the filter fields at the top of the dialog to limit the number of forms to display. When the dialog is opened, the application pre-filters the information to include only data within the three months prior to the current system date. To clear this pre-set filter, click the Delete button in the Filter field. When no filter is applied, the screen displays "Please select a filter to display forms" until you select a new filter.

For more information about filtering data in dialogs and screens, see Searching and filtering data.

The Electronic Forms grid lists the forms that have been sent to our secure data centers. The information is sorted by client ID and name, period end date, jurisdiction, and then form. The current status of the form is listed in the Status column.

For Federal 94x forms that are rejected, click the button after the Status column to open the E-file error rejection codes for 94x forms article.

Click the Ellipsis button at the end of each row to display any detail and history regarding the status of the forms. For forms that have been rejected, you can view the complete rejection code and description, which lists the problems with the file so that they can be fixed and the form can be resubmitted.

To view the information that was contained in a file or files, mark the checkbox next to the forms and click the Preview Selected button.

Choose the format with which to view the files for the selected forms.

  • Detail. If you click the Preview Selected button with the Detail option selected, the application displays the data that was contained in the file for the selected forms. This is the default option.
  • Condensed. If you click the Preview Selected button with the Condensed option selected, the application will create a printable report listing the client ID, the client name, the form, jurisdiction, period end date, payment effective date, status, status detail, and a forms count for all selected electronic forms.

(Available only when Detail is selected as the file format.) Marking this checkbox causes the application to create separate reports for each client when they are previewed or printed, so that they can be sent to client-specific FileCabinet CS drawers.

If you need to reprocess a form that has already been transmitted to our secure data centers, click the Remove Selected button to remove that form from the Electronic Forms grid and make it available for reprocessing. The button will be available only when the selected form has a status of Sent to data center.

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