Manage Payroll Liabilities screen

Alerts and notices

Use the Manage Payroll Liabilities screen to create a payroll agent or tax agent liability that is not created during routine payroll processing or to delete liabilities created in error.

Choose Actions > Manage Payroll Liabilities.

Fields & buttons

The grid contains all unpaid payroll agent or tax agent liabilities, including funded liabilities, for the currently selected client. The liabilities are sorted by vendor, and you can expand or collapse the list of liabilities by clicking the plus and minus signs next to each row.

All checkboxes in the grid are unmarked by default. Mark the checkbox next to a vendor to select all unpaid liabilities for that vendor, or mark the checkbox next to a liability to select that individual liability.

Click this button to open the Add Liability dialog, where you can add unpaid liabilities on-the-fly.

Click this button to delete all selected liabilities in the grid.