Payroll Items screen

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Use the Payroll Items screen to configure and maintain the various pay, deduction, and employer contribution types of payroll items required for each of your clients. (Payroll items are defined on a client-by-client basis rather than on a global level, although payroll items can be transferred to any client from a client template.)

Choose Setup > Payroll Items.

The payroll items set up for a selected client are displayed in the Payroll Items tab of the Employees screen when that client is selected.

Tabbed pages in this screen

Main tab

Tax Exemptions tab

Special Timing tab (for live payroll processing only)

Workers' Compensation tab (for live payroll processing only)

Fields & buttons

Click the Sort Order button to open the Payroll Items Sort Order dialog, where you can specify the order that payroll items should be displayed in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen, the Detail tab of the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen, and the employee's check stub. This sort order will also be used for clients using remote payroll entry.

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