Payroll Items Sort Order dialog

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Use the Payroll Items Sort Order dialog to specify the order in which payroll items should be displayed:

  • in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen
  • in the Detail tab of the Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen
  • for clients using remote payroll entry

    Note: The dialog changes the order for time sheets that will be uploaded to the client's portal via remote payroll, but will not affect an existing time sheet that is already in the client's portal.

  • on payroll checks

Choose Setup > Payroll Items and then click the Sort Order button.

Fields & buttons

Description grid
Each of the three tabs (Pay, Deductions, and Employer Contributions) contain a Description grid listing all the payroll items of that type that have been set up for the selected client.

You can change the order in which the pay items should be displayed during payroll check entry by moving them up and down within the grid using the  Up and Down arrows arrows.

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