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In Accounting CS, account groupings are used to group similar accounts together, to compare balances in financial statements and to help in report preparation. You can include the grouping code totals on reports and financial statements.

Account groupings in Accounting CS are similar to Account Groups in Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA). They allow you to group accounts to make financial preparation easier. However, while you could select a range of accounts for an account group in CSA (via the Setup > Account Groups window); in Accounting CS, you can select only individual accounts for an account grouping.

The application uses classification codes and subcodes to define the account type and how the account should behave in Accounting CS; these codes are assigned during the conversion process or when setting up a new Chart of Accounts.

You can set up account groupings on a client level, or you can set them up on a firm/global level.

Firm-level setup

To set up or edit account groupings that can be used for any client in the firm, choose Setup > Firm Information > Firm Account Groupings. Any account groupings created at the firm level are automatically included for all new clients.

Client-level setup

To set up or edit account groupings for a specific client, choose Setup > Account Groupings, and then select the client in the upper-right corner.

Note: New subcodes that are added appear in new clients only and not existing clients.

After you set up accounting groupings, you can assign individual accounts to an account grouping in the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen. If you have set up additional account groupings in the Setup > Account Groupings screen, those groupings will also appear in the Account Groupings section of the Chart of Accounts screen.

Special information

Fields & buttons

  • Description. To set up a new account grouping, enter a unique description (up to 50 alphanumeric and special characters) in this field. To modify the description for an existing account grouping, highlight the account grouping, click the Edit button, and then update the text in this field.
  • Account grouping codes grid. Enter a unique code up to 15 characters in length and a description up to 50 characters in length for the code. The code can include numbers, letters, or special characters.
  • Account grouping subcodes grid. Enter a unique subcode up to 15 characters in length and a description up to 50 characters in length for the subcode. The subcode can include numbers, letters, or special characters.

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