Editing multiple client records

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The Edit Multiple Clients wizard enables you to change the information in specific fields for multiple clients at the same time. This is helpful if you need to correct errors in the initial setup of clients, to update records due to policy changes, or to make changes to rates or amounts across client records.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and then click the Edit Multiple Clients link at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the Information to Edit screen, mark the checkbox for each type of information to change. The selections you make here will determine which screens display as you progress through the wizard.
    • General information
      • Payroll name
      • DBA name
      • Active date
      • Inactive date
      • Inactive reason
      • Explanation
      • Industry code
      • Primary processor
      • Backup processor
      • Reviewer
      • Nickname (custom)
    • Accounting information
      • Entity
      • Balance Type
      • Budget
      • Adjusted Budget
      • Budget 3
      • Budget 4
      • Budget 5
      • Enable close posting periods for Accounting CS
      • Enable close posting periods for Client Access
      • Transaction date defaults posting period
      • Do not post to core general ledger accounts
    • Payroll information
      • Payroll Schedule Information
      • Default Time Entry Method: Source
      • Default Check Output
      • Remote check printing options
      • Payroll tax forms file by
      • Payroll tax form start date
      • Offers health care plan
      • Contributes toward premium
      • Negative Check Treatment: Reduce Deductions
      • Negative Check Treatment: Reduce Taxes
      • Carry shortfall forward to future checks
      • Reset shortfall balances on
      • Do not reset balances
      • Create liabilities for shortfall write off
      • Entity
    • Payroll taxes

      Payroll Taxes

      • Employer type
      • Deposit Schedule (Federal)
      • Update Existing Liability Due Dates
      • 943 Deposit Schedule
      • Use whole-dollar rounding (Federal)
      • Seasonal employer (Federal)
      • Do not create tax liabilities
      • Deposit Schedule (state name)

      Payroll Tax Forms

      • Federal 1095-C (Agency Copy/1094-C, Employee Copy, 1095 Additional Information
      • Federal 1099 (Copy A/1096, 1099 Additional Information
      • Federal 94X (940, 941, 943, 944, 945, 94X Additional Information
      • Federal W-2 (Copy A/W-3, Employee Copy, W-2 Additional Information)
    • Billing
      • Create fees as final
      • Exclude form fees
      • Exclude tax agent transactions from billing
      • Bill to other client
      • Client
      • Discount: Type
      • Discount: Percent/Amount
      • Discount: Start date
      • Discount: End date
      • Discount: Description
      • Sales Tax Information
      • Fee Selection
    • Impound information
      • Transactions to fund: Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent/Firm Vendor
      • Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent/Firm Vendor: Deposit account
      • Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent/Firm Vendor: Withdrawal account
      • Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent/Firm Vendor: Deferred start date
      • Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent: Source for check reference numbers
      • Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent: Source for check layouts
      • Payroll/Payroll Agent/Tax Agent: Source for images
    • Integration
      • Export to program
      • Export Client Data - Options
      • Import source
      • Import Client Data - Options
      • Send W-2s
    • Delete Clients
      • Delete Clients
  3. Click Next to continue.
  4. In the Client Selection screen, mark the checkbox next to the client records you want to modify.


    • Use the filter above the Client Selection grid to display fewer clients in the grid.
    • To include both active and inactive clients in the list, mark the Include inactive checkbox.
  5. Click Next to continue.
  6. For each type of information you selected in the Information to Edit grid, the application displays a screen where you can select the specific fields to modify and enter the new values for those fields. Do the following in each screen.
    1. In the Information to Edit column, mark the checkbox next to the fields that you want to modify for the selected clients.
    2. In the Details column, enter or select the new value for the fields/information you have selected.


      • Below the grid, the application displays the list of clients that you selected in the Client Selection screen. As you select fields in the Information to Edit grid, the application adds a column to the selected clients grid and displays the current value in that field for the client.
      • Some fields may include an Ellipsis button next to the Details column. Click the button to open a dialog to specify additional details.
      • You can right-click in the Information to Edit grid to select or deselect all checkboxes in the grid at once.
    3. Click Next to continue or click Finish if this is the last step.
  7. When you click the Finish button, the wizard makes the selected changes and then displays a list of information that failed to update for the selected clients. Print the list if needed, and then correct any information that could not be modified.

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