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Use the Process Direct Deposit Options dialog to specify settings and default behaviors for the Process Direct Deposit screen.

Choose Actions > Process Direct Deposit. In the Process Direct Deposit screen, choose Edit > Options.

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Fields & buttons

Automatically select associated direct deposit transactions after processing funding transactions. By default, after transactions are processed in the Funding dialog, the application automatically selects those funding transactions in the Process Direct Deposit grid when the Funding dialog closes, making it easy to immediately process ACH files. If you want the application to also select any associated transaction amounts, mark this checkbox.

Automatically update the Prenote status from Waiting to Approved after 3 banking days. When this checkbox is marked, the application automatically changes the prenote status (in the Direct Deposit tab of the Setup > Bank Accounts screen) of the bank account from Waiting to Approved three banking days after the bank account was prenoted.

Display Funding Activity report. Mark this checkbox to display the printable Funding Activity report automatically after ACH files are created. The report includes the details of the transactions that were included in the ACH file and the file names of each file.

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